Enormous load transport – transport of oversize freights

Oversized transport

We offer our customers individual solution of requirements and comprehensive services related to transport of oversize freights.

A part of offers for oversize freight transport transport of the freight, ensuring manipulation with heavy subjects, temporary storing the goods during transport if needed, quick processing all the permissions related to transport, planning and ensuring security transport measure, survey and technical regulation of the track, concluding insurance policy and professional consulting in the field of oversize freight transport and special transport.

Company Easy Logistics, s.r.o. offers its customers the realization of oversized transports of excavators, low loaders, driling maschines, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, structures, frames, turbines, generators, transformer stations, shafts and many other products from the segment of light and heavy engineering. Our special semi and low trailers are able to transport products of variable length, width and height, with a weight range of up to 53 t.

Dimensions of cargo in oversized transport

Easy Logistics special trailers are able to transport cargo not only high and wide, but also long. The maximum product length can be up to 22.0 m.
The total  width and height of the trailers with cargo are mostly limited not only by the parameters of the selected route but also by the limits of the loading/offloading places. Our trucks and trailers are able to transport products up to total width 6.0 m. The height of the trucks and trailers being limited in the international and domestic traffic by the height of the bridges, the underpasses and, of course, the height of the doors in the individual industrial complexes. In international transport, the maximum height of the set is set at 4.5 m, while for domestic transport the limit is shifted by several tens of centimeters higher.


Through our partner companies and agencies in individual EU regions, Easy Logistics is able to provide oraganisations of permits for individual oversized transports

Tractor Volvo and 4 axle lowloader Broshius with loading height 82 cm and payload up to 53,5t

Tractor Volvo and 3 axle lowloader Maxtrailer with loading height 88 cm and payload up to 37t

Tractor Volvo and 3 axle lowloader plato Maxtrailer with loading height 108 cm and payload up to 31t

Volvo tractor and Faymonville Telemax

Tractor Volvo and Schwarzmüller Lowdeck Plato

Volvo tractor and Broshius 2-axle low bed

Volvo tractor and Faymonville 3-axle low bed

Volvo tractor and Faymonville 4-axle low bed with Dolly

Preview of the work done

Within oversize transport, the company Easy Logistics, Ltd. offers to their clients:

  • very flexible executing the client´s enquiry usually within 48 hours,
  • strong feedback related to needs of the client and personal access,
  • language skills of operators,
  • ensuring transport with relevant technologies,
  • insurance up to the amount of 10 million CZK including weight difference all over Europe,
  • operative solution for complicated traffic situation,
  • responsible access and laying stress on keeping goodwill of our customer.
  • continuity with international shipping transport and other transport types

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